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Respite Care Services


Respite Care Services


Respite care will provide your dog safe minute by minute observation/care in the comfort of the dog’s own home when your dog needs it most. This service is to provide peace of mind for owners who still need to carry on with their work and family obligations. This service includes accompanying owners to veterinary discharge appointments, administering medications (including injections) as prescribed by veterinarians in discharge instructions.

Dogs are often released home after surgery while still recovering from anesthesia. This is a very stressful experience for dogs and can result in sudden losses of bladders and bowels. I am yours and your dog’s assistant through this transition stage to recovery.

I have absolutely no aversion to cleaning up the worst messes you can imagine. Why? Because I was the nurse to our dog for eight years, and eight surgeries, and was with my dog providing calm, positive support no matter what his body was doing and no matter what time of night.   

Please call to discuss yours and your pet’s needs at least two weeks prior to the canine medical procedure. I am happy to provide advice so you and your dog have as few as possible stressful surprises.

Pricing of this service is commensurate with the time required.