Polite Pups

The Weather Outside


The Weather Outside

The weather outside is frightful but your dog thinks it is delightful!


Depending on a dog’s breed, age, and health, cold weather can be a ‘no-go’ or ‘LETS GO!’

No matter what is happening outside, your dog will have a great visit and walk for as long as they can handle the weather happily, comfortably, and safely.  Every walk, whether completed outdoors or partially indoors, will have the same key elements: appropriate exercise, obedience (foundation or maintenance), brain/scent games, and massage.

As your dog and I get to know each other, we will shape our walk activities together.  I come with games, toys, and even small agility equipment every day. Dogs are open to a new adventure every day so no two walks will be the same.

 I will follow any weather and travel advisory guidelines given by Environment Canada and the RCMP.

 For your own reference, please read: www.calgaryhumane.ca/winter-dog-walking-safety